4 Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

Planning to have a summer wedding? consider getting a summer themed wedding cake because what’s a summer wedding without a cake that looks and tastes like it’s straight out of Summer’s kitchen!

1. Summer Wedding Cake Flavors

The first thing to do in order to achieve a summer themed wedding cake is to pick a wedding cake that summons a taste of summer with in-season berries and fruits. Then,consider a fresh raspberry puree or opt for a lemon cake with blackberry filling Instead of a traditional buttercream filling. If you love chocolate cake but still want a taste that reflects the season, try chocolate cake with a fruit filling like cherry.


2. Summer Wedding Colors 

Color counts when designing a summer wedding cake, and you can’t go wrong with a palette of preppy white, navy and cherry red or a bold and bright mix of pink and green. For a more subdued look, opt for an ivory buttercream cake trimmed in light yellow.

3. Summer Wedding Flowers

Flowers definitely go a long way in defining a summer theme for your wedding cake. Match the cake to your bouquet by asking your baker to create sugar versions of your wedding day flowers.

4. Summer Shapes and Add-Ons

White summer wedding cake

When it comes to a summer cake, flowers, butterflies and other elements made out of chocolate, sugar or gum paste are obvious options. You don’t have to go overboard with these add-ons to get the look. Consider a white cake stacked with subtle, soft white hydrangeas with just a hint of color. The tone-on-tone style will up the elegant factor and still give you the same summery effect!

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