5 amazing ideas for the best hen night ever

Being a bridesmaid is no easy job. In addition to everything wedding-related, you also have the task of planning a fun hen night as the last hurrah for your dear friend. Here in Naija, you can be even more strapped for ideas. Never fear, we’ve got you.
Just remember first to:

  • Figure out what the bride would want; a cosy night in or, a wild night on the town?
  • Have a theme and fancy dress in mind. It makes a hen party that much more special.
  • Look up hen night games.
  • Take pictures and videos! Trust you will want mementoes of the fun.

1. Sailor Girls on a Cruise
Especially if you live in Lagos, this is a fantastic option. The city is surrounded by water, why not be sexy sailors for a day? You can get costumes, “Bride-to-be” and “Bridesmaid” sashes, and book a dinner cruise with Prest Cruise in Lekki. You leave the dock at 6 pm, and you get to have drinks at the bar, music, and freshly prepared dinner on deck. The cruise lasts for three hours – lots of time for games, little gifts and fabulous pictures.

Pic Source: Instagram / @alfashowers

2. Vegas in Lagos
If your bride is a little bit of an adventure ‘junkie’, and you know she dreams of going to Vegas, how about bringing Vegas to her instead? The Federal Palace Hotel & Casino is just the place. Yes, yes, you really want to win enough to cover that bridesmaid dress, but do not be tempted to put up more money than you can afford to lose.

Pic Source: holidayme.com

3. Arabian Nights
Just because she loves to stay in doesn’t mean you can’t give your bride the time of her life. Arabian costumes up the exotic feel 1000 notches. Get throw pillows, burn incense and drape fabric around to create a harem. Get a henna artist, do extravagant makeup on each other, belly dance like desert queens. Have a drink or ten; it’s okay, you’re not going anywhere. You can also do an Egyptian theme and dress the bride up as Cleopatra.

Pic Source: Instagram / @alfashowers

4. Throwback Slumber Party
Another indoor idea. Channel the 20’s with fringe dresses, pearls and head wraps; or take a cue from your parents’ old photographs and go 70’s with huge afros, flare pants and round sunnies; or take it back to the 90’s and 00’s with Aaliyah, Destiny’s child, 3LW, Ja Rule, Plantashun boys and wear monostrap tops, denim skirts and boots.

Pic Source: Instagram / @alfashowers

5. Bridal Boot Camp
Who says you can’t start your hen night while it’s still daytime? Let out your inner Lara Croft/Black widow in an intense game of paintball, and then dress up as sexy soldiers and storm a karaoke bar like Shaunz or N-tyce. Duel in two groups with fight-themed songs. Think KatyPerry’s Roar, or Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield.

Pic Source: Instagram / @alfashowers

Written by Sandra N.U.  and was first posted on Sugar Weddings

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