”I sniff my own used underwear”…8 women’s habits that are kind of disgusting

Ladies have a couple of habits that are actually pretty disgusting  and the odds are that we don’t even realize that they are. Most times, we get so used to it we don’t remember how abnormal they are. And we are not here to judge you, we totally relate, honestly, but this a friendly reminder of some habits we need to break.

I talked to some women about their habits they could use some improvement and I got these answers.


I honestly can’t remember the last time I washed my bras, I think I just stick them in the laundry about once a month…om probably not even that often. But nobody’s seeing them these days, so what’s the point?



I never wear underwear. I mean I wear a bra (sometimes), but I never wear panties, no matter what I’m wearing. Even jeans, and it’s kind of gross because I tend to wear my jeans two or three times.



I have these pair of black leather pants I have never washed. I bought them super cheap a couple of months ago, and they still look good. I just feel they are going to fall apart, once I wash them.



Ok, so I never clean my chipped toenail polish, I just apply coat after coat on it. Once in a blue moon I go for a pedicure, and let whoever is attending to me hack at the layers of old nail polish.




I haven’t washed my hair since I discovered dry shampoo, I know it’s disgusting but it’s just so convenient.


I don’t shave or wax any part of my body nobody can see. One time I was single for a little over a year, and not getting any so I didn’t shave down below the whole period. The same goes for my pits and legs, I could avoid sleeveless clothes and skirts for months just so I don’t shave.
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I could go a whole weekend without showering. If I’m not leaving my house, then I’m not leaving my bed for anything either. Except maybe get some food.
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I sniff at my underwear, before putting them on and after taking them off. I have no explanation for it, it’s just a habit I can’t break.



You guys have any habits you want to share?

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