7 tips to ensure you never have to wear that shirt only three times

A lot of people don’t realize that garment care is beyond just washing our clothes frequently. That is why when you buy a shirt from Mr. Price, and wear it three times, it begins to look like something you’ve had for a year. –although the fact that it’s Mr. Price is a factor-. Apart from never missing laundry day, how else do you take care of your clothes?

Check out these garment care tips you probably know about but never really saw the point of.

  1. Stop dumping your clothes on the floor after undressing. If it’s going to be worn again hang them up, if not straight into the laundry basket. The difference between dumping them on the floor and in the laundry basket is that you don’t get to use them as a foot mat in the basket.re-love-c-1
  2. Excessive cleaning wears out your clothes, stop dumping your clothes in the laundry basket after each wear –you are probably not doing it yourself-, some clothes can be worn more than once like jackets.
  3. Some clothes come with garment care instructions. They are not just another part of the clothes like buttons, they are actually useful guides meant to be followed.
  4. Don’t put in too much detergent. Extra detergent is not equal to extra clean. Instead you’ll just end up getting too much detergent in your clothes that might not all come off when you are rinsing.
  5. Wash your denim inside out in cold water, so that it doesn’t fade quickly.
  6. If you can, avoid using your dryer like during the harmattan and sunny seasons. Dryers tend to wear out clothes more quickly than sun drying.
  7. If you want to do your laundry, dedicate time to doing just that. Don’t preoccupy yourself with a dozen other activities that’s let you leave your clothes in the washing machine for way longer than you need to.
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