8 reasons beauty vloggers are so annoying

Beauty vlogging isn’t easy, and I understand this.

It is not easy to dedicate your time and money to educate beauty handicapped people and for that, we appreciate you.

But in spite of our gratitude, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that goes through most of your viewers minds which I thought you should know about.

  1. When watching most of your videos, the first thought that goes through our heads is usually “oh that looks easy enough”, but that’s almost always followed by “wait how did she get there?” I’m not sure if it is in the editing process that half the steps get lost, or you guys just skip through them because you think we already know the supposedly basic stuff. No we really don’t, that’s why we are watching your vlog in the first place.
  2. It really makes no sense to use half the length of time the video takes, to bat your falsies and pout at the camera -doesn’t it feel a little awkward?-. You know what you could do with that time? Actually show us how to get that particular look you have on.
  3. Reviewing products like lipsticks and foundations by only showing us swatches on your arm, doesn’t work for us. How are we supposed to imagine how it’ll look on our faces if we can’t see how it looks on yours?
  4. Talking about other shit that has nothing to do with makeup is rather annoying. If you want to whine to someone who can’t talk back, get a dog or a stuffed animal. We are just there for the beauty tips.
  5. Stop showing us only the products you are obsessed with, it’ll be nice to know what products we should steer clear off for a change.
  6. We’ll honestly feel a little better if you guys could include a clip or two of yourselves messing up a winged tip or completely botching up your contour and having to redo it. That way what you are doing doesn’t seem so impossible to achieve for the non-experts.
  7. Cut the intros short, there’s no need to apologise about not posting in a while and all that stuff, we are just going to skip past it anyway.
  8. Stop using only high-end products, aunty please we can’t all afford it now. Help us out, and review Milani too.

Ok I’m done.

I’m sorry if this post seems curt, but abeg streaming YouTube videos are not easy, with how expensive data plans are in Nigeria.

Thank you.

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