5 ways to cut the cost of being a wedding guest


If you’re faced with multiple weddings of friends, family, loved ones this year, we’ve some tips to help you have a great time, without you having to spend what you can’t afford…

Plan what you can afford

The first step is to work out what you can afford to spend. Then create a mini budget of what you think you’ll spend at each wedding. You’ll get a half decent idea of whether you can afford to attend them.

Think before putting it on a credit / debit card

If you don’t have enough to pay for the expenses of being a wedding guest, think before you put it on a credit / debit card. Borrowing money to pay for it can be dangerous. Explain why you can’t make it and your friend will hopefully be understanding.

Free Up Your Services

If your budget is so tight that you can’t afford to give the bride and groom a monetary present, offer up your talents to save them cash during the wedding. If  you’re a DJ, compile a playlist for them so they can skip hiring a professional.

Seek Alternate Accommodations

If you know you’ll require lodging on the wedding night, see if you have any friends in town who can lend you a spare bed or even a place to pop-up an air mattress. Give anyone you stay with some flowers or a bottle of wine as a token of your appreciation.

Don’t Over-Volunteer

Weddings are exciting – and they should be – but that doesn’t mean you need to sign up to help with every to-do on your bride’s tasks list. Put your hand up for those events you know you can afford, and forgo feeling guilty for not doing more: there are plenty of other people available to help.

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