”My addiction to hair relaxers is ruining me” – Okiemute

I’ve never had an addiction, at least that’s what I thought until I realized I couldn’t stop relaxing my hair, no matter how hard I tried. Before anyone argues with me, that it doesn’t qualify as an addiction, an addiction is supposed to be a strong and harmful need to regularly have, or do something. While relaxers might not be as harmful as cocaine or meth, one has to admit that they are rather harmful for our hair. As for having a strong need, I think feeling the need to relax my hair every couple of days, counts as a strong need right?


There have been so many times I’ve tried going natural. I tried to do it slowly, and give myself time to grow accustomed to it, that didn’t work. I tried the big chop, but I found myself reaching for a relaxer, the minute I noticed a little new hair growth.


Anybody with a real addiction, is probably reading this write-up and rolling their eyes to the back of their head. But for me, it’s a real problem, relaxers are rather damaging for my hair. They thin out my edges, and almost always burn my scalp rather severely. One time, my scalp got burned so bad my hair came out in clumps, but I still went back in about two weeks for a touch up. I can’t even honestly say I like how my hair looks relaxed, to me it looks limp and unnatural and I love how natural hair looks, but I just can’t stop myself from turning to relaxers the minute I see a hint of undergrowth.

Help someone, I can’t be the only one with this problem right?


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