12 important style and beauty tips we have learnt from Nollywood

We keep going on and on about how 90s  beauty and fashion trends have been making huge comebacks this year. What we’ve failed to acknowledge is how much of an inspiration Nollywood movies from the 90s and early 2000s are on our current beauty and fashion trends. If you have any doubt of this, here’s proof.

  1.  Aunty Eucharia, was already on the human(ish) hair wave while you were still rocking Darling Yaki.
  2. Bold accessories have made a comeback, but we still won’t give credit where credit is due…
    Image result wey dey for nollywood movies in the year 2000
  3. …same goes for afros, faux or not.
    Image result wey dey for nollywood movies in the year 2000
  4. Did God just lay a finger upon your financial situation? Need to upgrade your look to reflect it? Get a dozen skirt suits with shoulder pads reaching high heavens, is still the best way to pass the message across.
  5. They showed us bantu knots could be cool, long before we started rocking them.
  6. We should probably credit them with introducing us to crop tops too.
  7. You are playing around if your accessories don’t come in matching pairs ALL the time.
  8. Rihanna who? You might not know it, but the birth of the pixie cut trend in Nigeria started in Nollywood.
  9. Can your makeup be complete if your eye-shadow and lipstick don’t match?
  10. Forget all the YouTube tutorials you’ve been watching, you need to hit this Aunty up for tips on blending your eyeshadow.
    Image result wey dey for nollywood movies 2000
  11. No beauty tutorial can help you figure out how to constantly keep your lip-gloss popping all day, like Nkiru Sylvanus
    Image result wey dey for nkiru sylvanus
  12. And you thought your favorite beauty vlogger invented the ombre lip look.
    Image result wey dey for throwback nollywood movies

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