6 cheap accessories that make you look rich

While we might all be rich in the Lord, and joy and happiness and such, most of us don’t have bank account balances like Folorunsho Alakija.

Even though we don’t have as many zeros in the banks as we might want, at least we can look it with these 5 accessories.

  1. A single string of faux pearls.
    Wear it on everything and anything like it’s the real stuff, make sure they are not so large or else they’ll look fake. Don’t worry most of the people you know probably can’t tell the difference between the two anyway.
  2. Leather handbag
    A simple, structured non branded leather handbag. Don’t get anything with a huge logo, or worse a knockoff of one of the designer brands like Celine. If you feel the need to buy a knockoff, then ask Linda for tips.
  3. Faux diamond stud earrings
    Once again, get small ones, anything too large always looks fake.
  4. Get a fancy silk scarf, that you’ll throw in anything or just knot on the handle of your bag.
  5. Almost always wear white, no matter what the occasion is. Even if it’s your best friend’s wedding.
  6. Over-sized sunglasses
    Buy, large Jackie O style sunglasses. If you are not buying a designer brand, then get a nameless one.
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