5 kinds of footwear to help you deal with the rains

Even though the weather has been hot as hell lately, with almost no sign of letting up for the rainy season, we can’t help but make -wishful- plans for whenever the rains decide to come and stay instead of just showing up once a month.

We know you probably haven’t been thinking about the most appropriate clothes to have for when it gets wetter, but we’ve got you covered starting with the best footwear.

  1. Jelly Sandals
    Perks: They are cute and super easy to clean, you also don’t have to worry about getting ruined by the constant exposure to water because of the material they are made from.
  2. Flatforms
    Perks: Great for working through shallow puddles and muddy areas without getting your feet messy.
  3. Rain boots
    Not the chunky farmer ones, more like these ones.
    <center>£45, Asos
  4. Sneakers
    A ton of them come in water resistant material, like this one.
    <center>£32, JD Williams
  5. Patent Leather Oxfords

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