MXVV’s ‘He who lives in a pant’ gets the high concept editorial treatment

Daniel Obasi, stylist and emerging fashion photographer has made quite the name for himself with his Yellow Verses project, a tumblr based website that chronicles the photographer’s introspections, muses and editorials. He has also worked for Fashion Business Africa, the business oriented e-zine helmed by Kachi Udeogu.

His most recent project though is what has drawn our attention, an independent project partnering with design label Maxivive’s youth oriented diffusion line MXVV to shoot an editorial for its Dry 16 collection, He who lives in a pant. 

The editorial is the first we’ve seen that truly encompasses the despondency that inspired the collection, the models are apathetic, with sunken eyes and various states of undress. It is also one of the more ambitious collections with four models.

Obasi describes the editorial as a visual representation of the apathy that comes with adulthood.

He is you, He is me.
Locked in his heart is pain untold.
He had free reigns but no where to go.
Thinking those walls holds on the answers.
To Find His Balance in his favorite words;
Cocaine, Codeine,
Steroid, Girl, Happy,
Boy, Love,Murder 8,
Weed, Baby, Heaven,
Simple Sermon, Peace.
Yet, cold pure wind penetrates his soul.
Now that he feels good,
Give him something bad to look at.
As he counts the ceilings,
While he Lives in his pant.

MXVV @mxvv_ng

Creative Direction and Photography: Obasi Daniel @iamdasidy


Samuel Zakari @ziggy_schiffer 

Bolu Olaitan @blackzeus_bolu

Afolarin Samagbeyi @afolarin_

Emmanuel Adesoyin @mannie_be
PR: [email protected] @vrcreativeagency

The editorial was featured in the international magazine Indieview and is featured here with Obasi’s permission.

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