Bodun Ng’s wants to be Nigeria’s first fast fashion label, but is it ready?

Everyone knows Nigeria wants fast fashion.

With about half the population tottering on the poverty line, and Nigerians utter obsession with image, it isn’t that much of a stretch to assume that Nigerians are always seeking a balance between price and quality and international high street brands like ASOS and Zara and local brands Eve and Tribe and Things Nigerians Love marginally fill that gap.

But it is still not ‘cheap’ enough and these labels rarely offer affordable wardrobe staples. This is where Bodun NG’s Series 1 collection is trying to come in.

Olubodun Presents its first Series “SERIES1” of clothing that ranges from tees to tunics, shorts, trousers and backpacks… Just to mention a few. ‘Bodun is Arguably the first most economical limited edition fashion brand in Nigeria as of this present day with its price point on a maximum of 5000 Naira and a minimum of 800 Naira only. The main aim of this brand is to bring limited edition, special clothing to secondary school students and university undergraduates with a full standard value and respect to its target audience.

Now the Bodun NG brand was originally a high street athleisure brand. It’s first collection, ‘BOYHOOD’ primarily featured sweatsuits and other hallmarks of the athleisure trend. This move to fast fashion interests us, but is also slightly worrying. The clothes of the first collection ‘Series 1’ is a mash of staples and separates. The styling of the editorial was particularly bad, many of the editorial choices distract from the actual clothes and the quality of the photography is so poor we cannot get a proper handle on what the label is trying to achieve. But the main problem we have with this collection is this. 

‘Bodun would never overproduce any design, its a way to respect those who purchased the designs first. Will never keep up with demand. Limitation is key. Restock, once you see it, its the only chance to place an order. Once its sold out, its sold out.

For a collection consisting primarily of wardrobe staple separates, it makes little sense to not restock pieces that sell quickly, even luxury brands reproduce and restock fast selling pieces. Trying to sell exclusivity for a brand whose top shelf price is 5000 Naira is reductive and counterintutive to a subsidized high street (aka fast fashion) brand.

If Bodun wants to make any money, there needs to be an overhaul both in the label’s principles and it’s execution.

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