Bridal inspiration: 10 tips to buying your dream wedding dress in Nigeria

Isn’t it awesome that you no longer have to travel abroad for your dream dress? You can find it here in Nigeria and there are so many options: bespoke wedding dressmakers, designers with bridal collections, and off-the-rack dresses in bridal stores. Here are ten important tips to help you buy the gown of your dreams right here in Nigeria.

1. Budget
Decide how much you want to spend on your dress and stick to it. It will get you the best value for your money. Don’t bother booking with a designer way above your budget. You have a whole life waiting after the wedding and sadly, dresses aren’t as palatable to the taste buds as they are to the eyes.

2. Ask around
If you’ve seen a bride whose Nigerian-bought dress you like, ask and you shall get answers. Slide into DMs if you have to. There are ladies who will be willing to tell you where they got their dress and if so-and-so bespoke tailor was professional.

3. Figure out what you like
Look through Instagram, Pinterest, wedding blogs and magazines, take screenshots and narrow down five styles that you can see yourself in. Learn the different cuts and what suits your body type before you go in for a trial/consultation. When you do, things will flow with the expert and you won’t be led away from what is ‘you’.

4. Start Early
You’ll be surprised how much time it can take to have your dress ready, especially a custom-made one. Start looking six to eight months before your wedding. That way, you will be under less pressure and so will your dressmaker if you’re using one.

5. Don’t go with a crowd
Mother, sisters, mother-in-law, bridesmaids… no. Take only two honest people whose opinions you respect and leave the rest at home. Too many opinions will leave you confused.

6. Be open to recommendations
Know what you want, but if the attendant/designer really wants you to try on a certain dress, do it. You just may fall in love with that princess dress you thought was too girly.

7. Consider your venue
Most Nigerians get married in religious houses, so make sure what’s acceptable at yours. You don’t want to scandalise them, or worse; be barred from entering without some wretched shawl draped over your wonderful dress.

8. Size matters
Buy what fits now, even if you are imbued with the fitfam ginger. You’re in Nigeria so it’s easier to take your dress back for alterations if it is roomy, than trying to squeeze into a dress that won’t even let you exhale your “I do”

9. Bring your accessories
Come prepared to fittings with the shoes you plan to wear, or a pair in a similar height. Also bring your veil and jewellery if you’ve got them, so you can see how the look works.

10. Be Vocal
If you don’t like a particular detail or even the whole dress, speak up even if everyone thinks it is nice. It will be grossly unjust for you to have to live with pictures of a dress you hate because you didn’t want to disagree with Big Aunty.

Written by Sandra N.U and was first published on Sugar Weddings

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