Pilgrim Clothing ZA’s AW16 collection takes the hermit and makes him chic.

South African unisex design label Pilgrim Clothing has always pushed the boundaries for what is acceptable clothing, choosing to make clothes that are primarily functional in design, but experimental in silhouette in construction. This mix has kept its clothes fresh and helped it find a community in the outliers of fashion, while staying true to its mission statement.

Its new collection ‘Spiritual Migration of the chosen’ looks to the hermits of the 17th century for inspiration. In the 17th century hermitage was a common thing, with priests and monks of various religions secluding themselves from larger society and forsaking creature comforts in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Pilgrim clothing’s 21st century hermit works in the same way, he avoids bright colours, is a master at layering and isn’t afraid to wear androgynous clothing.

Oversize clothing is the unifying theme in this collection, as is exaggerated detailing, like extra large lapels, asymmetric blankets worn as skirts. Wool and tweed and other ‘rough’ fabrics are used as well, providing much needed texture. There are number of interesting shapes and silhouettes and pieces that have dual and triple uses. And the editorial photographed by Zander Opperman and styled by Designer Nao Serati helps bring the ideas to life in gorgeous images.

If Pilgrim clothing makes the 17th century look so good, we might consider joining a hermitage just for the fashion.


Models : Titus & Alino from Boss Models
Makeup/Grooming: Carla Klue
Styling: Nao Serati
Photography: Zander Opperman

Pilgrim Pilgrim 4 pilgrim 3 Pilgrim 2 Pligrim 2 Pilgrim

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