Krysval’s debut collection shows the kind of technique to carry a label far, but lacks the innovation to keep it there

Ghanaian label Krysval is the independent label created by Judith Owusu Ampadu. Ampadu has had a long and interesting career as a head designer for international fabrics manufacturer Da Viva and has helped design in-house collections and fabric swatches that have been sold across the continent. After years of working behind the scenes at Da Viva and pattern cutting for several other labels, Ampadu is ready to strike out on her own and forge her own path as creative director of a boutique brand.

Ampadu debuted her new label as part of the Harmattan 2016 showcase during Accra Fashion Week 2016, an interesting gamble considering the designer has considerable clout to perhaps get her into a more high profile showcase. Choosing to show in Ghana suggests that the designer is choosing home turf and embracing her heritage.

The Ten piece capsule collection Krysval debuts shows she clearly has an intimate understanding of both men’s and women’s wear and her years of designing ‘pleasing’ clothes for mass market retail has clearly influenced her design aesthetic. None of the clothes she designs are asymmetrical or adventuruous in terms of silhouettes. Classic men’s dress shirts and full skirted dresses dominate the collection. But you can see her experience in the way she uses detailing. By using contrasting inserts on plain pieces and adding strip panels to mimic cellotaping, she is able to create visually interesting clothes. She also plays with peplums, skirting and bodices.

Ultimately, her biggest strength is also her strongest weakness. The clothes are too simplistic, too formulaic that even the excellent yet sublime detailing cannot save it from seeming boring. Ampadu still has time though, but she needs to shake the shadow of Da Viva’s design philosophy and create her own.

To order any of these, contact:
Tel: +2330208813834
Email: [email protected]

Photography by Nana Tamakloe
Styling by Judith Owusu Ampadu
Make Up By Rita Geraldo
Models: Isaace And Kukua @ Confidence Models

Krystal Krystal 2 Krystal 3 Krystal 4 Krystal 5 Krystal 6 Krystal 7 Krystal 8 Krystal 9 Krysval

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