Emerging menswear label Kafamo is heavy on the streetwear for their new collection ‘Freedom’

The vast majority of Nigerian menswear labels usually begin as bespoke formal menswear labels, churning out classic suits in a myriad of ‘unconventional’ colours and fabrics. The other half got the opposite end of the spectrum, offering us super casual athleisure or street wear inspired pieces. Emerging menswear label Kafamo Designs is one of the former, and their new collection Freedom doubles down on the idea that a stylish man always need his leathers.

‘Freedom’ collection from Kafamo is based on the story of three brothers who had lived most of their lives in the suburban part of the country. They relocated to the city, marveled at the simplicity and comeliness of nature, transpired into a sudden affection for nature.

These three brothers are diversely talented, which transcends to their genuine creativity and an unrestricted freedom of expression stemming from their fashion creations. Their sophisticated outfits and fashion dexterity would serve as a platform for fashion designers and lovers to re-invent themselves.

If the press packet above is anything to go by, Kafamo talks a big game, not necessarily a good one. In a collection that references migration, I’d expect to see the collection halved, one half referencing the start of this migration and the other, its end. And though not necessary, a few pieces that track the transition from surburbia to the big city would have been great too. What Kafamo actually does is create a wardrobe’s worth of young millenial gear. Leather jackets with all the buckles and whistles, oversized jersey shirts with asymmetric contrast hems and pockets and distressed jeans, all the trademark of rappers like Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa riddle the collection. There is definitely a market for it, but that market is small and saturated.

Kafamo will have to do more to really set themselves apart.

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  1. Message hello oga blogger.. Ths collection is one of the best collection I have seen in naija so far.. The creativiy is there, the story also tallies with the clothes,, so what re u saying?

  2. Are u sure this guy is a nigerian designer ?? Where did he get his stuffs from !! American in naija nice !!

  3. I love where he said un-restricted freedom of expression.. You have said it all. I would love to meet this designer

  4. I love where he said un-restricted freedom of expression.. You have said it all. I would love to meet this designer

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