ZR’s debut collection ‘The Transit’ is heavy on the fringe and frills

There seems a huge market for every day women’s wear with high street price points. In this age of social media and public image, everyone feels the pressure to wear better, newer, shinier. This in turn feeds the obsession to show, and creates an unsustainable cycle of buying and discarding. Emerging design label, ZR  is trying to separate itself from this rat race and break into the premium fashion sphere with it’s debut capsule collection ‘The Transit’.

“In photography, a negative is an image, usually on a strip or sheet of transparent plastic film, in which the lightest areas of the photographed subject appear darkest and the darkest areas appear lightest.



It is always a gamble when a label decides to go heavy on the thematic imagery for it’s collections, because any lover of fashion will be tempted to assess the clothes based on how well the designer is able to interpret the ideas they claim to have been inspired by. In that regard, ZR fails spectacularly. The collection is supposedly inspired by analog photography and the transition from freshly cured negative to printed image. There are many ways this can be interpreted in clothing: Monochromatic palettes, sheer silhouettes and cut-out, square cut-outs that mimic the puncture holes in old film, so many ways. But at heart ZR is a high street label, not a premium one, and the label chooses instead to make trend heavy clothing that is well tailored but painfully similar to many other labels with collections this season.

ZR’s the Transit wont give you any standout pieces you’ll wear for years to come. And that’s alright, because it will at least salvage your summer.

Contact details:
Instagram: @zrtales.
Address: 14 Chris Efuyemi, off Providence Street,Lekki phase 1, Lagos State.
Phone: 08069284858.

Photo Credit:

Photography: Tobbinator
Model: ChisomEdeh
Styled and designed by: ZR

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