Lorrita’s Love Bants: The Plague Of Unsatisfied Sex – How To Find The Right Partner

I saw a caption on Facebook that says “now sex is an audition for dating” and it just got me thinking, is this true or false?

Well, to an extent I would say it’s true but just a little bit false.

The one thing I have come to understand is that so many relationships are suffering because of unsatisfied sex. For a woman, if her man isn’t satisfying her needs sexually it tends to affect her psychologically especially if the issue has been going on for a long period of time. For a man this issue affects his ego and confidence as a man. So, how can we manage this problem?

First of all, we should understand that our male and female organs come in various sizes and shapes. Some females vagina is created to be very deep while others are shallow, some vagina also comes with smaller hole than others. For the men, the penis are also created differently; some are long and slim, fat and short, while others are just the perfect size.

Some of the reasons one might listen to a lady complaining bitterly that her man doesn’t satisfy her at all or that she doesn’t even feel anything when he is having sex with her could be that she falls in the category of the females with a deep vagina and unfortunately is with a man with a small penis.

Other situations would involve complains of pain during sex due to thrusts from his large penis even when half of his penis hasn’t gotten to its destination. This is because he falls in the category of men with long penis and is with a partner that has a shallow vagina. Well, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that any of these situations will definitely lead to unsatisfied sex life.

Other problem associating this issue could be as a result of premature ejaculation, low libido, poor sexual performance and so on. But all these can be treated if the recipient is willing to undergo treatment and the couple involved would be very patient to go through the right treatment. Not just using sex enhancements that would only work temporarily and probably come with side effects.

Ten years ago, I would refer to the caption above as true, but only because at that period, people go into relationships for the sole purpose of making babies and companionship. In this our time, the situation is reverse, now the purpose of relationship is to feel loved, cherished and satisfied in every part of the relationship.

Choosing the right sexual partner is very important and it could save you a lot of emotional stress such as frustration, low self esteem and sometimes depression that could arise as a result of unsatisfied sex.


Everything beautiful.

  1. Your Comment thank u very much dat is what i am going true now my girl can not satisfying me what will i do pls help me

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