4 items in your wardrobe you should rip up right now

The ripped trend has been huge over the last couple of fashion seasons. Everything from jeans to t shirts are being ripped up. While we don’t love all of it, here are 5 things in your wardrobe you could rip up to enjoy the trend, and they don’t all involve putting large holes in your clothes.

  1. Old jeans
    Distress or rip holes at the knees (or wherever you want) of your old jeans, or a new pair you’ve already grown tired off for a new look. You could also completely slice off the legs at the knees for a new pair of cut off shorts, or higher for a pair of really short shorts.
  2. Plain t-shirts
    Apparently we are now allowed to slice large holes in our t-shirts, and wear them out and no one will think us crazy. An alternative is for you to cut off the regular neckline for a ripped look, or slice off the arms and turn your t-shirt into a tank.
  3. Sweatshirt 
    Cropped sweatshirts have been a fashion fave for a while. Instead of buying another sweatshirt you only wear once a month, cut an old one into a cropped sweat.
  4. Denim skirt 
    Distressed denim skirts are both chic and trendy, and you don’t have to go out and buy one, just DIY it with a pair of scissors and tweezers.
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