6 tips to help you never mess up your winged eyeliner again

No matter how easy beauty vlogs and makeup artists make the winged eyeliner look, we the commoners always find a way to mess it up. It’s either the wings are not equal, or one is longer or thicker than the other or the worst of it, they don’t even look like wings. So I have gathered 6 pretty useful tips from make up artists who actually know their shit, and they work!

  1. The easiest liner to use for beginners is a pen liner, drawing on a winged tip with this liner is easier because the pen feels steadier in your hand than an eyeliner brush, or those teeny tiny brushes that come with those liquid eyeliners in little pots. The next best thing is a gel liner, and the one by Bobbi Brown is pretty great.
  2. Just use tape as a guide line, it’s not a great option when you are pressed for time but with a little practice (ok a lot,) you wouldn’t need the tape and drawing on the wing would come naturally to you. Angle the tape at the corner of your eye in the same way you want your wing to lie.
  3. Don’t be quick to completely clean of your eyeliner when you mess it up, or keep adding more when they are not even. A little concealer and an eyeliner brush can fix up the worst of eyeliner mistakes.
    The panda stage is unfixable though
  4. Start close to the inner eye, and line outwards. Do it in slow short strokes, all those commercials where the model draws on her inner in one swoop are scams.
  5. Pull the skin around your eye taut with a finger, this makes it way easier to draw on the wings.
  6. If all else fails they make winged eyeliner stencils now.
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