41 LUXE Lagos debuts the ‘Eden’ editorial

41 LUXE, a luxury new retailer based in Abuja and lagos, has put out an advertising editorial, celebrating it’s growth in recent years and it’s expansion into Lagos from Abuja.

The retailer known to stock brands like Maison Mimi, Grey Projects and Abuja based label, Sunny Rose, created “Eden”  to celebrate it’s clientele and their city.

They explain the idea behind the collection as thus.

an editorial campaign celebrating the female form in context of her environment.Functionality of time, space and location and their connection with fashion are explored.

Eden was shot in the surrounding waterways of the Lekki – Peninsula, and the with the beautiful scenery of Lagos behind them and high profile models Chika Emmanuel and Nikki Anyasi animating the clothes, magic happens.

 The old and the new.

Sitting ambivalently on a canoe in the backdrop of 21st century architecture, she represents the woman who blends perfectly, old pieces with current trends merge to produce her unique expression.

The Orient

Fierce, bold and fearlessness. An uncompromising style modernist. She brings her modern flare to any environment, urban or rural.

 Belle of the ball

Flamboyant, opulent and unapologetic, Belle is that girl that dresses to the nines for every occasion. Belle is reminiscent of a peacock, she is a natural head turner, and you cannot miss her.

The Traveller

Timeless, elegant, chic, confident. She is the “look to girl” who is at home in the south of France or our very own Lekki. She is definitive of the 21st Century woman.

The Languid

Organic, passionate, endearing, earthy, and colourful. She infuses everything she does with her signature style. She is particular about her fabrics, where they come from and the environment.

Whatever your style we enjoin you to discover your own Eden.


Photographer : Big H Studios @bighstudios Assisted By : Nonso Okoye @nonso_okoye

Models : Nikki Anyansi & Chika Emmanuella @nikkiandtees @chika7star

Make Up : D’Arstiste by Dodos @iamdodos

Hair : Nene Ndukwu @cc_nene

Videographer : Daniel Anyiam @danielanyiamfilms

Art Direction : The Style Concierge @thestyle_concierge

Clothing : 41_luxe.lagos

Location : BICS Garden, Lekki


To call yourself a thing, is to set a standard for yourself. This is especially important in the fashion industry where pedigree has ensured that brands such as Hermes and Louis Vuitton are kept in the one percentile by their claim of luxury. This pedigree is something they protect actively, sometimes doing some outrageous things to keep their standards high.

It is a misstep for 41 LUXE, a brand with luxury in it’s very DNA, would put out an editorial advertising pieces that will not pass muster as luxury.

There is even an uninspiring organza cape in one of the images. Organza doesn’t conjure images of luxury, it only marginally passes as high street in the most dexterous of designer’s hands. The team that worked on this editorial seems to have covered a multitude of sins with their work, but it is telling.

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