Mascara, nail polish… 5 beauty buys that will put you in an instant good mood

Whenever you are in a bad mood, there are a number of things guaranteed to cheer you up. Getting a hug, indulging in a tub of ice cream, getting a credit alert, you know those sort of things. But the ultimate pickup for any makeup lover are these 5 beauty buys.

  1. New shade of lipstick
    Buy a shade you usually won’t buy, like purple. Making little changes like the usual colour of your lipstick can be surprisingly therapeutic. Plus just rolling up a new tube of lipstick can be rather satisfying.
  2. Beauty blender
    Nothing feels better than using a new beauty blender that hasn’t been saturated with weeks worth of stale concealer and foundation that never quite washes out.
  3. Nail polish
    Everyone knows doing your own manicure is not only calming but will always put you in a good mood. You can get a bright and happy colour like yellow.
  4. Hair conditioner
    For the naturalista, trying out a new hair conditioner on your mane and watching it work its wonders is often fun.
  5. Mascara
    Getting a new mascara, especially when you’ve been pumping at your old one for weeks now, knowing it’s practically empty is a great feeling for any beauty lover.
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