6 beauty myths about dark skinned girls that have got to go

When it comes to styling and beauty advice for dark skinned girls, you hear more don’ts than do’s. You hear things like dark people shouldn’t wear earthy tones because you’ll look washed out or avoid white because it makes you look darker than you really are (so what?).

I am tired of reading articles with words like “don’t” and “avoid” prefixed before every style or beauty tip. So here are a few dos for a change.

  1. Do wear red lipstick.
    Dark skinned girls can wear red lipstick, the key is looking for the shade that suits your own skin tone (they don’t want you wearing red lipstick). MAC’s Ruby Woo and reds like that fit most skin tones.

    Source: onobello.com
    Source: onobello.com
  2. Do wear sunscreen.
    Being dark skinned is not a super power so it is not going to protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Contrary to popular belief, you can get sunburn and ever heard of skin cancer? So always wear sunscreen especially here in Lagos since we have two suns. Here are some good ones.

    Source: thicknfit.wordpress.com
    Source: thicknfit.wordpress.com
  3. Do go blonde.
    No you won’t look like a drag queen if you go blonde. Blonde hair is a fun way to switch up your look and being dark skin doesn’t stop you from doing so. As a matter of fact your hair can be any colour you want.

    Did you know, there were black people with naturally blonde hair?
    Did you know, there were black people with naturally blonde hair?
  4. Do wear nude lipstick.
    The argument here is that it contrasts too much with dark skin tones and is therefore not flattering. Once again, it’s all about finding the perfect shade.
  5. Do use neon coloured makeup.
    I don’t know who came up with the rule that dark skinned women can’t wear neon makeup. The contrast with our dark skin is always so beautiful. But as with everything in our lives, moderation is key (I need to unfollow DJ Khaled). So if you are going for neon lipstick tone down your eye colours and vice versa.
  6. Do wear blush.
    Not all colours might work for our skin tone, so go for bronze and plum shades but do wear blush.

    Source: artbecomesyou.com
    Source: artbecomesyou.com
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