5 fashion mistakes we’ve all made at least once

We’ve all made fashion mistakes in the past, probably more times than we’ll admit to. It’s fine,  we can’t all be Genevieve Nnaji, but there are some fashion mistakes, we might not realize we’ve all made or might even still be making, until we go through this list.

  1. Loose fitting clothes are better for plus sized women. In reality loose fitting clothes only make plus size women look larger than they really are.
  2. Equating baring skin with sexiness. We’ve all been guilty of this at some point, especially as teenagers, but you can look uber sexy without showing off any skin at all.
  3. Wearing too many accessories. Rings, earrings, bangles, chunky neck pieces shouldn’t go on all at once. It was cute when you were thirteen but just looks gaudy now. Pick one or two statement accessories when throwing together an outfit.
  4. Buying ill fitting clothes. The line between too tight and well fitted is really not as thin as people make it seem. Know and buy your exact size always.
  5. Buying the same size in different brands. The fact that a size 6 dress from brand A might fit you well enough doesn’t mean that same size from brand B will. Test clothes before buying, and if you are shopping online you should know your body statistics and refer to the brands sizing chart.
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