5 guys reveal what they find most beautiful in their women

A lot of times, ladies do not realize how beautiful certain parts of our bodies are. So we asked 5 men about the most unlikely thing they find to be beautiful about women. The answers are surprising.


I think the stretch marks on my girlfriend’s butt are beautiful. Maybe I’m just drunk in love, but I can’t imagine her without them. She hates them on the other hand and is constantly looking for ways to remove them. I wish she wouldn’t.


Her eyebrows are interesting, they are very bushy and give her face so much character, but recently she has discovered makeup and is obsessed with keeping them perfect.


My girlfriend is an albino, and she got bullied about her skin for most of her life. As a result she’s very self conscious about her skin, and tries to use makeup to cover her face up. I wish she wouldn’t though I love her skin the way it is.


So my sister has pretty large ears, I teased her a lot about it as kids but the truth is I think they are very adorable. She always keeps them hidden these days and she doesn’t believe me now, when I tell her it’s cute.


Slightly bowed legs are distractingly attractive to me, I just can’t get over them.


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