3 hairdressers share their worst customer experiences

Ladies often complain about our hairdressers, and how stressful salon appointments can be. You can’t quite blame us, majority of the hair salons (or any kind of service in fact,) in Lagos are not known for their stellar customer services. But sometimes, even though the customer is supposed to be put first and is ‘always right’, some customers make it a little difficult to be given proper attention, and these 3 hairdressers will agree.


That’s how one time, I did crochet for one girl like this only for her to come back one week after that I didn’t do the hair well, and I should remake it. When I didn’t agree now, she started telling all her friends who were my customers to stop coming to my shop.


One girl came to do full fringe, I told her to do side that full one will not fit her. She sha talked talked talked, that this is not the first time she will do fringe. As soon as I finish like this, she no even look mirror well before she tell me to loosen it. I sha loosened it, and she just waka without paying.

Mummy Kemi

Ah! customer get wahala sha, e get one madam like that wey come my shop one time. I suppose even know with the kind senrenre wey she enter with, say she go get wahala. Na so she tell me say make I fix one style for her way supposed take pata pata one hour, as I wan finish now, na so the woman start oya losen this part, cut this side, tight this part, na almost six hours I spend on that hair like play like play. When I finish now, she come say the money wey I call too much.

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