5 hairstyles that are perfect for the crazy hot weather

It’s April already, and even though the rains have started the weather is still crazy hot. Anything short of rocking your own natural hair seems to just get itchy and stinky in a matter of days, because of the amount of sweat your scalp is producing. Seeing as the weather isn’t going to let up anytime soon, you should probably try out any of these 5 hairstyles.

  1. Ghana weaving
    This is on top of our list because it fits into every slot of our perfect hairstyle checklist. It’s a protective style that is low maintenance and allows your scalp breathe, preventing excessive sweat, all at the same time.
  2. Ponytail
    You don’t have to give your weaves a break because of the heat. You can still rock them in a ponytail, which is completely ideal for the weather.
  3. Wigs
    This might not sound like a good idea, when you have to stand for hours under the sweltering sun, but at least unlike sew-ins you get to rip it off the minute you get home and let your scalp breathe.
  4. Bobs and lobs 
    If you absolutely have to opt for a sew-in, for whatever reason try a bob or lob. That way, at least when you get hot and sweaty there’ll be no wet hair annoyingly stuck to your back and neck.
  5. Box braids 
    Don’t worry you don’t ever need to let it down. There are a thousand and one ways to style your box braids that allow you get comfortable in the weather.
  6. 40a1872ae1ba5fe51d36bf25b04ef36e
    These have been back in trend since last year, and they couldn’t have come at a better time. They are zero maintenance but score a hundred in the comfort department.
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