The 7 things you MUST not get your mum this Mother’s Day

Today is the first of many mothers’ day celebrations this year -seriously why are they so many?-, and we know as usual you’ve been slacking on what to get her but it’s better late than never.

To make shopping easier for you, we are going to talk about all the things you definitely shouldn’t get, instead of talking about the things you should.

  1. Flowers
    Yes we know it’s a sweet gesture, and it’ll look great on your snap chat story, but we both know those flowers are going to go in the trash that same day. And if you mum is truly a Nigerian mum, she’s not going to miss the opportunity to throw a jab at you, like “ah will I eat this one?”
  2. Clothes 
    Your mum already has way too many clothes. She has clothes in her closet, your dad’s closet and even some in yours. Any clothes you get her are probably going to be worn once and retired to your closet not hers.

    Maybe get her this instead
    Maybe get her this instead.
  3. Kitchen Essentials 
    You should know better than to get her anything that has to do with the kitchen. The house store is still full of unused kitchen equipment, that are still wrapped up from their wedding.
  4. New gadgets
    Don’t do it. You will end up spending the next couple of weeks years, explaining how it works to her.It’s been years since she got her first laptop, and you still get a call from her at least once a week, asking about how something or the other works.
  5. Take her out to eat
    This seems like a pretty good idea, and she’ll love it, but only for that day. She’s going to spend the next couple of weeks nagging you about eating out, and asking what’s wrong with a home cooked meal.

    This will be you
    This will be you.
  6. “Best mum in the world” anything 
    You give her one almost every year. Whether it’s on a mug, an apron or jewelry it’s ok she gets it she’s the best mum in the world. Stop it.
  7. A card
    Except something is accompanying it, don’t get her just a card. Get your cheap ass to a store, and get her something nice for a change.

    Every single year
    Every single year.

I think we’ve covered it all. Happy Mother’s Day mums! We love you guys.


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