The 5 kinds of people you always run into at the hair salon

One place where you meet all sorts off characters in Lagos is at hair salons. You might have never noticed it, but you almost always run into these five people, whenever you get your hair done.

  1. The know-it-all
    These are the ones who always have an opinion about whatever hairstyle any and everyone is doing. The chances are, they are not getting their own hair done, and usually have almost absolutely no knowledge about getting hair done.
  2. The whiner
    From the minute she steps into the salon, she usually has something to complain about. It’s either too cold or too hot, the salon is either too full or too empty, and her chair is usually uncomfortable, no matter how plush it might be. She’s going to whine about everything from the minute she steps in until she leaves.
  3. The loudmouth
    She always has some kind of gist- mostly inappropriate stuff,- that’s usually meant to be solely for the ears of whoever is beside her, but somehow ends up being gist for the whole salon. The more people get in on the gist, the happier she becomes.
  4. The chatterbox
    She insists and always somehow finds away to engage every single person in the salon with some form of conversation with her. She is annoying and pushy, and would be sure to drop her two cents about something on your body she feels you need to work on.
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  5. The madam
    Once she enters the salon, everyone including some customers sef, jump into action to attend to her needs. No matter what she’s getting done, she’ll breeze in and breeze out long before you get done with whatever you are doing.
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