5 style buys that are actually an investment

When we buy into style fads, we do so with the full understanding that in a season or two they become old news and get to be stashed at the back of our wardrobes till they maybe a come back. So shopping according to the fad of the moment doesn’t let you get your money’s worth out of whatever you bought.

Unlike with fads, these 5 style buys are actually an investment and you’ll be able to whip them out fashion season after fashion season without worrying about not being in trend.

  1. A plain white tee
    They are versatile and timeless, and honestly a must have.
    A Plain White Tee
  2. Black pants
    A pair of well tailored black pants will not only never go out of style, but will also get you out of quite a number of style fixes.
    Classic Black Pants
  3. Pumps
    No matter how many shoe trends come and go, a good old pair of pumps will also be in trend.
  4. Straight fit jeans
    It’s so easy to get lost in the growing number of jeans trends we get hit with every fashion season. From skinny, to mom and boyfriend jeans, the list just goes on. A pair of straight fit jeans however will never go away.
  5. Pencil skirt
    Pencil skirts might change from season to season in terms of cut and fit, but in whatever form, pencil skirts always stay in trend.
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