The 5 types of t-shirts you must add to your wardrobe

It is amazing just how many style fixes a great t-shirt could get you out off. If you are not already a t-shirt person, these are the 5 types of t-shirts you should get to start you off.

  1. Plain white t-shirt
    There is almost nothing a white t-shirt won’t go with, and you can find the evidence here.
  2. A graphic t-shirt
    A graphic tee, is great for a casual look, and fun to style. A great one adds some life to your wardrobe.
  3. Tank
    Tanks are great for the weather right now, and even though they are pretty casual you can throw on a blazer to make it a little bit more formal.
  4. V-neck t-shirt
    When faced with picking between a v-neck tee and a round neck tee, always go for the v-neck (life hack). No matter what your cup size is, v-neck tees make your boobs look great.
  5. Embellished t-shirt
    T-shirts can be fancy too, and embellished tees are a great example of that.
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