5 items to gift a friend who just graduated

It’s graduation season, and someone you know, whether it’s a friend or cousin or niece either just got out or is getting out of university soon. These 5 items are perfect to welcome anyone who just graduated into the real world.

  1. Book on how to get a hobby
    They are about to have a lot of extra time on their hands with no course work to hand in or classes to attend, what better time to pick up a new hobby in between the job hunt?
  2. A blazer
    Can’t be a serious job hunter without a proper blazer right? Get one in a dark colour to hide the inevitable sweat patches.
  3. How to get a job” book
    This isn’t going to help them get a job any faster, and probably contains information they already know but it’s a nice reminder that they are in the job market now. At least it is more subtle than the thousand and one talks they are about to have with their folks everyday till they get a job.
  4. Money
    Seriously, actual cash. Anyone just graduating is saying goodbye to pocket money and student discounts, so trust us money will be the most appreciated gift
  5. A job
    This is probably the only thing the new graduate will appreciate more than money. If you are that Uncle Tunde or Aunty Kemi in their lives who has been promising to hook them up with a job after they get out of uni, well it’s time to come through.


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