4 things you probably shouldn’t wear to the beach

I was at the beach last weekend, and a ton of other people seemed to be in the mood for the sad and salty sea air, which gave me the perfect opportunity to people watch. Unfortunately I didn’t go with my camera, so I couldn’t take pictures of what makes up the typical (I’m guessing I don’t go to the beach that often) beach style of people in Lagos but I did make some interesting observations. I was able to come up with a list of things we Lagosians should probably not wear to the beach.

  1. You shouldn’t go in your white native, even if you need to pop by real quick after church or a wedding or whatever. Maybe keep a pair of shorts in the car?
  2. Shoes of any kind. We know your suede loafers are clutch, but I don’t think the beach is exactly the right place to show them off. This includes heels by the way, and I didn’t even know I had to mention this till last weekend.
  3.  If you are not going to the beach just to take a bunch of selfies for Snapchat like I did, and you have actual plans to get into the water then you probably shouldn’t go with a full face of makeup. If you must at least lock that shit down with primer or some milk of magnesia and a setting spray.
  4. Jeans. I can’t be the only one who gets irritated when my jeans get wet, when they are still on me, like when you get caught in the rain. Wearing jeans and attempting to roll them up so they won’t get wet when you know they can’t go past your calves can be avoided if you wear shorts.
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