5 tips to make your waist trainer invisible under your clothes

Sweating it out at the gym for three hours a day, every other for months just so your waist can finally be 24 inches like KimK, (who didn’t get hers at the gym by the way) is ridiculously hard. Especially when you know you could get the desired results in a day by just putting on a waist trainer. We are still not sure what the health risks of wearing a waist trainer very often are, but we are sure it works. The problem is when you are waist training, keeping it hidden under your clothes is a bit of a problem. It denies you the opportunity to smile demurely and say ‘Ah my sister it’s God’, when people start asking how you lost inches of your waist so fast.

So here are 5 tips to help you make your waist trainer (almost) invisible under your clothes.

  1. If you don’t wear you waist trainer every single day, which is the advisable way to wear it, simply wear it with clothes made out of thicker materials. A good waist trainer won’t show underneath them.
  2. Certain materials won’t hide your waist trainer, no matter how good they are. Materials used to make body-con dresses for example can be a little see through. Switch your waist trainer for spanx or any other body shaper when you wear them, they serve almost the same function, (maybe not as dramatic as trainers) and are not as telltale.
  3. Waist trainers could either come in a single layer, or in double layer. Single layer waist trainers are way less visible under your clothes.
  4. Waist trainers don’t come in one size fits all, make sure you get your size. Some times the telltale sign that you are wearing a waist trainer isn’t the fact that it’s showing it’s because your muffin top is spilling over the top and bottom of the trainer.
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