5 stylish tips to help you keep your sanity while stuck in Lagos traffic

Keeping up with your style and beauty routines, work and/or school all at the same time can be hard.

Combine all that with the endless hours you spend stuck in Lagos traffic, and it’s damn near impossible to keep up. Instead of moping and cussing out danfo drivers who keep cutting you off, here are five things you could get busy with while in traffic.

  1. Do your makeup.
    Instead of spending an hour at home doing your makeup, while the traffic continues to build up, get on the road and save the three hours your one hour delay will cause. Knowing Lagos, you’ll still have time for a full face beat before getting to your destination.
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  2. Get fit.
    You are going to be too exhausted to go the gym at the end of day, after spending so much of your time on the road so you might as well use that time to keep fit. You can do ab crunches or any exercises that work your core while seated, calf and glute raises are also a good example.
  3. Do your manicure.
    Your nail polish has been chipped for weeks, and there’s no better time to fix it than when you are sitting idle in traffic. If you are stuck in the third mainland traffic, then you even have time to play around. Try out new nail trends like the ombre trend for a change. If you’ve been stuck in one spot for more than an hour, you might as well get comfortable and do your feet too.
  4. Clean out your bag.
    We all know how disgusting our purses can get sometimes, and even though we always promise ourselves we’ll get it done, somehow the junk just continues to pile up until our hands can get to the bottom of our bags. In traffic, it’s just you and the bag, get it done already.
  5. Meditate.
    Actually scratch that, try meditating in Lagos traffic and someone is bound to take out your side mirror.
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