Black lipstick, Contouring…7 beauty trends we hope don’t live past 2016

As much as we’ve enjoyed each and every beauty trend that has popped up this year, including those we carried over from 2014 and 2015, these ones definitely need to stay in 2016.

  1. Contouring.
    This was fun while it lasted, but we are so over it now. Thankfully we are not too worried about it surviving the year, since it’s already gradually being eased out in most beauty circles, even Kim’s moved on.
  2. Claw nails
    We are hoping this gives way for something a little more natural and polished and less menacing.
  3. Man bun
    We are not sure how this became a thing, and while it’s still on the come up here, we are desperately hoping it suffers an early death.
  4. Unnatural looking falsies
    You know the type, where we both know they can’t possibly be your lashes, and are long enough to help you fly if you flutter them hard enough. Yeah these, they’ve got to go.
  5. Ridiculously long weaves
    28″, 30″, 32″ no one should be seen with weaves at such lengths, you are not a horse.
  6. Strobing
    Yes I know it’s the alternative to contouring, but we guarantee you guys it won’t survive the year. So start saving those YouTube tutorials on how to achieve the “natural look makeup”
  7. Black lipstick
    I know I’m fighting an unwinnable battle with this one, but it really needs to go.
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