CityFiles: 6 Essential Items For The Lagos City Dweller

Lagos is one of the best places in Nigeria to live in. While it definitely takes some getting used to, it pretty tops.

From fabulous restaurants and nightclubs, alluring sites and landmarks to sumptuous food and colorful festivals, there are so many reasons to opt for the Lagos-city life.

Although living in Lagos is great, knowing what to do while you are there and having all you need to survive is even better.

See a list of 6 essential items for the Lagos city dweller.

1. Earplugs

imageNoise is one of the first things you will notice about Lagos. There are a large number of people in the city and as a result, most places are usually crowded and there is noise.

Aside from the crowds, car horns blasting and loud chants of roadside traders contribute a lot to the noise.

If you are averse to high sounds, it is important that you invest in Earplugs; that way you can have peace in the midst of all the chaos.

It is important, however, you remember to take the earplugs off when driving or crossing the highways.

2. Torchlight/generator/solar system

Electricity is not that stable within the city and prior notice isn’t given before a power outage.

It is advisable to own a torchlight, that way you can have light in cases of power outages. Luckily torchlights are very affordable and are not necessarily dependent on electricity.

An alternative option would be to have a generator or an alternate solar system that can come on once electricity is gone.

3. Wristwatch

A wrist watch is an important item for anyone who wants to survive in the city. Basically everyone seems to be in a hurry and 1 minute can literally change a person’s reality.

Again, traffic is a major issue within the city, but can be managed and even evaded if one can time their movements accordingly.

A wrist watch ensures you keep tab of time and you are able to navigate the city quite easily. It does not have to be fancy or designer, it just has to tell the time correctly.

Do not be tempted to rely on your mobile phone, especially if it is a smart phone as most times, the batteries are not long-lasting and again, you don’t want to keep checking your phone in public so you don’t attract petty thieves.

4. Rain Boots


Like other parts of Nigeria, the seasons in Lagos include the Dry season and Rainy season.

Unfortunately, due to the extreme weather conditions, myriad waterways in the city, compact housing and improper drainage, the city tends to get easily flooded when it rains and of course, citizens – especially those who are not mobile – are forced to wade to pools of water around the city.

No one wants to deal with all the mud or wade through stagnant water. The best way to manage the situation usually is to acquire a Rain boot.

5. Umbrella/ Sunglasses

As mentioned above, the weather conditions in Lagos tend to be at the extremes: it is extra hot and sunny in the dry season and even sometimes on afternoons during the rainy season; and it pours when the rains come.

An umbrella is therefore an asset that will shield you from the harsh effects of these conditions.

Sunglasses is another option for sunny days, also for those who have to take motorbikes as it shields from the force of the wind which usually carries grains of sand that can be harmful to the eyes. A perk of sunglasses also means you get to look cool too.

6. Wallet


You really do not want to be careless with how you hold your money or where you keep it when you live in Lagos (especially if you frequent public places like markets and parks).

Again, you need to have your ID cards handy for any impromptu stop by the police or government official. A good way to put your valuables together is by arranging them in a wallet.

A wallet ensures you know where everything is and you can easily control where you keep it, that way you do not fall victim to pickpockets

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