6 Important Considerations When Choosing Wedding Entertainment

The wedding is a special day, and for the lucky few, they only ever have to go through a wedding once in their lives. Naturally, the inclination is towards an event that will stay in the memories of friends and family for a long time.

Regardless of the inclination of the organizers, whether traditionalist or those open to a spiced up wedding, entertainment is absolutely important.

Here are some of the more important factors to consider when thinking about wedding entertainment.



Consider the amount of money that is available to be used towards the wedding entertainment. Most of the budget goes towards paying for such aspects like the venue, food, caterers and wedding gowns, tux and transportation. With this in mind, calculate how much is available to keep the guests entertained. Different entertainment avenues come at different costs, so be careful when choosing, so as not to get hassled when the time comes to pay the bill.



With the budget in mind, it gets easier to choose or set the theme of the wedding entertainment. Make sure the entertainment chosen is appropriate for the people attending the wedding. If possible, have different entertainment for different age groups. For instance, while the adults enjoy the wedding music and dance, one can set aside a separate play area for the kids. The wedding theme is important because it gives the organizer a clear focus and direction, and helps with the choice of acts. Choosing the right mood and hiring the right guests will either make or break the mood of the wedding.



The size of the wedding reception will determine the direction one can go with their wedding entertainment. Some forms of entertainment are more fun when experienced outdoors than others, and some venues might have restrictions governing noise levels. All these should be taken into consideration when choosing a venue. There is no need to hire a live band if the location chosen has noise level restrictions.



Sometimes, finding wedding entertainment might be difficult. For instance, choosing the right live band given budget and time constraints might be tedious when one does it personally. Go instead for an entertainment agency, they often have contacts in the local entertainment circles and can easily find a band or entertainer very fast. With an entertainment agency, one will not have to worry about doing all the groundwork.



Nobody wants to be have to remain with hospital bills long after the event has ended. Typically, the person organizing the event will be liable for any damage or injuries sustained. However, many performers often have their own liability insurance. Regardless of the type of event, the risk of unintended injury should not be ignored. When choosing wedding entertainment, insurance makes sure one is not liable.



Make sure to get all the details pertaining to the costs of the performer. For instance, ask whether theirs is a blanket charge for the whole event or whether they charge per hour. Also, ask whether there are additional costs, like set up, loading and unloading.

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