3 women share the most frustrating things about being plus size

It is not news that the fashion industry isn’t kind to plus size women  (neither is the entire world if we are being honest). While we wait for the fashion industry and the world to fix up, these 6 women vented to us about what they find most frustrating about being plus size women who love fashion.


I’m a size 18, put aside how hard it is to find clothes I love in my size, the worst part is that when I do, I always get hurtful comments about how what I’m wearing isn’t ‘appropriate.’ Since I’m not buying over-sized or under-sized clothes I’ll never understand what that means.


I think the most frustrating thing is people constantly telling me about how I’ll look so much better in an outfit I love, if I just lost a ‘little’weight. The worst part is I don’t need to lose any weight, I’m a doctor so I know I’m not overweight or unhealthy, but I always get those kind of comments, even from very close friends who actually mean no harm by it.


I think my experience is more hurtful than frustrating. I’m a huge fashion lover and my mother was a globe trotter, so she would always ask me to give her a list of things I wanted. Of course eighty percent of the things on my list would be fashion related, but when it came to buying clothes for me, she’ll always buy clothes a sizer smaller than I was. She used to say it was an honest mistake, and how ehn she thought I was even smaller than I really was, and that if I just lost a little weight I’ll be able to wear them. It took me a while to figure out she did it on purpose, and no matter what her intentions were, her acts took a toll on my self esteem. A small part of me still hasn’t forgiven her for it.

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