6 women share the one beauty product they can’t do without

We asked 6 women what beauty product they’ll pick out of their makeup bags, if they were made to pick just one. We also asked them to indicate if whatever item they picked was the most expensive in their bags, and their answers were not what we expected.


It’ll be Ruby Woo sha. It’s not the most expensive item in my makeup bag, but I just bought it for 7,500 compared to the other items I’ve had for months.


Just one? My studio fix foundation most likely. Yes that’s the most expensive thing in my makeup bag.


My brow gel. You don’t want to see me without makeup, I don’t have a single strand of hair in my eyebrow area.


My eyeliner. It’s not the most expensive thing I have, but it’s top three and something I can’t do without, since I wear a cat eye everyday.


My powder, it’s Black up’s two in one foundation and powder. I already always have tubes of lipstick and eyeliners out of my makeup bag.


This sounds lame, but it’ll be my lip balm. My lips get horribly horribly chapped no matter how hot the weather is, and nothing had ever worked for me until I discovered Burt’s Bees. I use it twice every day now.

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