6 women explain what they find most frustrating about makeup

For a beauty writer, I am still incredibly inept at doing a ton of beauty related things, even though I’ll never admit to it -this is also not an admission. But these brave women, beauty lovers all of them-, some self acclaimed experts,- share what they find most frustrating about makeup, and we are pretty sure you can relate.


Powder eyeshadows are the bane of my existence and I’ve been into makeup for a couple of years now. No matter what I do, or what products I use it always seems to be patchy to me.


I’ve never quite figured out how to hide my eye bags which are huge by the way. Trust me there is no concealing method I haven’t tried out, including ice and getting enough sleep but nothing works. I guess makeup doesn’t solve all problems.


I still haven’t found my perfect shade of foundation, even when I try and mix two different shades together and it’s the most frustrating thing. Yes I know this has nothing to do with my makeup techniques, but I always look like I’m lacking in that department whenever I’m done with my makeup since it’s always a little too light or too dark.


I legit can’t put on mascara without getting some of it on my eyelid, it’s the most hilarious thing because I’m a makeup artist and have absolutely no problem putting it on other people, I guess it’s just one of those things.


I have a little bit of hair over my upper lip I always try to conceal because I’m paranoid about shaving it off. I’ve watched a ton of YouTube tutorials and have seen people do it perfectly but it just never works for me.


Does doing your own nail polish like a 5 year old every single time count? Lol I think it should.

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