8 useful tips for ladies who relax their hair

Keeping your hair natural is great. But there are some ladies who just can’t cope with the hassle it brings (all that constant untangling) and frankly just find it easier to relax their hair. So here are some tips for ladies with relaxed hair.

  1. Don’t relax your hair too often.
    As tempting as this is, especially for people who fix their weaves with leave outs, you really shouldn’t relax your hair too often. Give it a minimum of 6-8 weeks; you are supposed to be relaxing your undergrowth not the already relaxed hair.
  2. Wash and condition your hair once or twice a week.
    This is easy for people who usually carry their own hair. However for people who are often in braids or weaves for weeks on end, we often forget that we are neglecting our own hair underneath it all. For those who braid, often invest in dry shampoo, it’s a little expensive but totally worth it. I have seen a couple in the Casa Bella stores. On the other hand for those who are mostly on weaves, especially with closures, you can wash your hair through your weaves, go to a salon or ask a friend to help you for convenience.
  3. Use as little heat as possible.
    If you have the time after washing, air dry instead of blow drying. Minimize the use of straightners and curlers. If you need to straighten your hair opt for a blow drier instead of a straightener, it is way less damaging.
  4. Deep condition.
    Just like your natural hair sisters. It protects you from the breakage that is common with relaxed hair.
  5. Protective hairstyles.
    As often as possible opt for protective hairstyles. I know one of the perks of having relaxed hair is leave outs but minimize the number of times you do this in a year.
  6. Stop using cheap relaxer
    Stop *claps* buying *claps *ozone*. I know you’ve been telling yourself relaxer is relaxer, but its really not. It is really important to look for lye free relaxer too.

    Organic is a good one
    Organic is a good one
  7. Invest in good hair products.
    Splurge on your hair prodcts, it’s not as if you buy them often plus you need that coconut oil just as badly as your girlfriend with natural hair.
  8. Protect at night.
    Silk bonnets, silk scarfs or head wraps. Wrap it up at night to keep all the moisture locked in. You cannot be spending an arm and a leg on good conditioners and hair products and then feeding it to your pillow.
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