7 Instant Tips To Rekindle Your Passion For Working Out

Many casual exercisers want to sweat more often, but they struggle with finding the workout motivation to make fitness a part of their daily routine .

We’ve all been there. You know, that urge to indulge in that heavenly five more minutes of extra sleep which eventually turns into an hour then ditches our plans to work out.

Whether you’re battling workout boredom, lack of motivation , or injuries, you don’t have to let any obstacle sidetrack your fitness. Here are 7 instant tips to rekindle your passion for working out.

1. Eat more iron

imageIron is essential to keeping energy levels high. Iron supplements are sometimes risky, so make sure your diet includes 18 mg of iron every day. Choose more meats or legumes, leafy greens, and whole grains. Don’t forget citrus fruit and other juice with vitamin C, which improves iron absorption from plant foods.

2. Have a workout date


Set up a standing apppointment with a friend whose fitness level matches yours. Research shows that having a dedicated workout partner makes you more likely to stick with an exercise program.

3. Stay hydrated


Dehydration can seriously drag your energy down. Research shows that even when you drink eight glasses of water a day, 45 minutes of exercise can put you into a dehydrated state. Don’t rely on thirst as a measure of need. Take a sip of water every 15 to 20 minutes while you work out to prevent fatigue.

4. Take a dog with you

imageThere’s nothing like chasing after a dog to keep you running without even realizing it. So take your “man’s best friend” with you and get sweat on!

5. Take you music with you


Listening to music eases exercise in three ways: It distracts you from fatigue, it encourages coordination, and it relaxes your muscles to encourage bloodflow.

6. Cover all your bases


Be sure to include each of the triumvirate—cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility—in your workouts each week. A combination of all three keeps your metabolism burning high, your energy level up, and your body injury-free.

7. Create an exercise menu


Get to know your rhythms, and have an exercise plan for each mood. Feeling low? Go for a walk in the park. Keyed up from work? Take a high-energy class. Missing your kids? Bundle them into the car and head for the local soccer field.


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