Bridal inspiration: 8 things no one tells you about the wedding day

You’re in love. You’re engaged and now ready to get married.

Now for the exciting bit – planning the biggest day of your life.

Dresses, venues, cakes – I mean, how hard could it be?

The truth is, no matter how many weddings you’ve attended before, or how many times you’ve been a bridesmaid, there are some things you just don’t find out about until your own wedding day.

So, here are 8 truths about the wedding day that no one ever talks about.

1 Choosing a dress

As soon as you say ‘I do’ the whole world wants to know what sort of dress you’ll be wearing on the big day. Um – a white one?

18 things no one tells you about planning a wedding

2.  Even when you get an event planner, it won’t all go as planned.

Something will end up going wrong. It could be little, or it could be big, but don’t sweat it—just keep enjoying your celebration, and feel free to delegate tasks to planners and relatives so you don’t have to deal with drama.

3.  You won’t sleep well the night before your wedding

Let’s face it, you won’t get too much sleep the night before your wedding. Between the 7th hour preparations or just overall excitement for the day to come, you’ll be seriously lacking in shut-eye.

4.  You will get love and support from family/friends

They all showed up for one reason—you! You’ll have so many people to talk to and so many pictures to take.  You’ll be overcome by the love and support of those around you.

5.   You will randomly stress-cry

E.g your stylist tells you a particular material you want is not  available and you burst into tears…yes it is normal. Just like we mentioned in point 2, somethings don’t just go as planned….At least one not-so-minor unexpected expense will pop up and your reaction then will be just to cry…let the tears flow, but then let it go. Think of it as a sign you need a wedding planning break.

6. You will randomly happy-cry

You will definitely shed tears of joy during the preparations, somethings, words, moments will arouse an unexplained tears of joy. Savor it. As cliché as it sounds, these are the moments you’ll remember forever.

7.  Don’t be mad at your groom for not helping in the decision making

The groom-to-be won’t care about things you thought he would.

It’s not just his thing, he would rather have you choose the colors, the venues etc…so don’t get mad. Remember, you’re marrying this guy. He needs to be a good husband — not a good wedding planner.


8. Everyone has an opinion

Some of the opinions will annoy you, some will make sense to you..but everyone, even foes you don’t talk to will have opinions for you. Even if you won’t adhere to the opinions, just turn a listening ear so it won’t seem you are snubbing them and then stick to your guns and rely on your own team of pros for solid, unbiased advice. This is where it pays to remember it’s your day.


Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

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