7 wedding guest looks we double-tapped on Instagram today

It is general knowledge that of all the myriad reasons people attend weddings, slaying has become a crucial goal.

Although the aso ebi tradition in these parts are almost strictly adhered to, there are no rules as to what to make of your aso ebi fabric. Every other Saturday, Instagram offers a sufficient supply of wedding guest looks that make mostly for inspiration for the next set of partygoers, and the cycle continues.

We can’t deny that wedding guest outfits are the next best thing after the bride’s wedding gown. In recent days, we’ve seen guests steal the shine in extra-gorgeous numbers that give the bride a run for her money.

We took a stroll through Instagram and found these outfits that we like and think should make it to your phone’s asoebi folder, because we trust you have one.

Black and ponytail. This look is in a league of its own and works for events other than weddings too
We can bet half of your female wedding guests will show up in off-shoulder dresses because SUPER COMFY
Because geles are overrated and lace can be a burden…
Switch this to white and it makes for the perfect wedding gown. Absolutely beautiful!
Hubby loves his suits but I’m sticking to my lace…we love each other still
Ankara dresses win at weddings when they’re made to perfection like this one
Zero rules so jumpsuit and a big bow
Play it safe sometimes but make up for that with a loud yellow
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