8 items you must add to your wardrobe this month

We have been caught in very wet days and very hot days since the beginning of the month, and we are pretty sure July isn’t going to be any different. Here are 8 items you need to add to your wardrobe, to remain stylish despite the weather.

  1. Sun dresses
    Sun dresses are perfect for when it’s hot out, throw a sweater on and you can also rock them when it gets cold and wet.
  2. Jellies
    We can’t stop going on and on about how jellies are a must have this season.
  3. Culottes
    We are halfway through the year and culottes are still a fav of ours, probably because they are still perfect for every occassion.
  4. Oversized button up shirt
    Here’s one more thing you can steal from your dad or boyfriend’s wardrobe. Oversized button up shirts are cute and stylish and perfect.
  5. A ton of scarves
    Scarves will save you from everything, from a bad hair day to covering up a wardrobe malfunction to helping you avoid getting a cold.
  6. Bodysuit
    Bodysuits are the most versatile item to add to your wardrobe, pair it with pants and a blazer and they can go to work, with shorts or a maxi skirt, they are perfect for a day out with friends.
  7. Sweatpants
    Sweatpants are getting fancier and fancier, and there are a couple of sweats you can literally wear anywhere.
  8. Bermuda shorts
    We still don’t love bermuda shorts, but their awkward length (not too short, not too long) make them a perfect add to your wardrobe.
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