5 “Oh shit!” moments we’ve all had at least once

Whether you are getting ready for work, or a date or even just curled up on your couch, we’ve all had “Oh shit!” moments that frustrate the hell out of us.

Here are our top 5 “oh shit!”moments, and we are pretty sure you can relate with them.

  1. “Oh shit I didn’t shave!”
    This usually happens after you’ve gotten all dressed for a hot date or an important event. The worst is when it’s your pits and your outfit is either strapless or sleeveless. Depending on just how late the moment hits, you usually spend the whole day moving your arms only from the elbow down, or do a quick shave already dressed up and trying your best not to get your outfit wet.
  2. “Oh shit I look too fat/thin!”
    Just one of the thoughts that crosses our minds when trying on outfits for important events, like maybe your wedding. Chances are you look just fine, but that doesn’t stop the thought from crossing your mind.
  3. “Oh shit I’m late!”
    After using way too many hours to shower, get dressed and all made up. We only experience the “oh shit I’m late moment!”, when we are done with all the primping and fussing. It never occurs to us when we are belting out Olamide lyrics in the shower or changing our lipstick for the fifth time. Sometimes it might be a couple of weeks after you made love with no glove, and you realize your period is a couple of days late.
  4. “Oh shit I forgot!!”
    Ever remembered you forgot to put on something important like deodorant, after you already left your house? Yeah us too.tumblr_nuqlreygCa1rrx588o1_500
  5.  “Oh shit it doesn’t fit!”
    It might have been shoes or a dress you fell in love with when shopping. You knew it didn’t quite fit when you were buying it, but for some reason or the other you bought it anyway. You usually have this moment when you plan to wear the item out, and you realize it really doesn’t fit and you can’t wear it anywhere.

Ever had any of these moments? Have any more? Please share below.


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