6 people share where and why they would get tattooed if they could

Getting tattooed for a lot people is an unbelievably daring thing to do. It’s permanence and how tattoos are still perceived by the society at large,  is the biggest deterrent most people. For these 8 people, their only deterrent is their deeply conservative parents who absolutely forbid it. Out of curiosity we asked them to where and why they would get tattooed if they could.


Lol I don’t know probably something rude, at the side of one of my fingers just for the fun of it.


I love to draw, using my body as a canvass for a change won’t be such a bad idea, except for the fact that my father will disown me. The first tattoo I’ll probably get, will be my first drawing on my back. It was shit, but it means a lot to me.


See ehn I can’t even think of it. I’m sure if it crosses my mind my mother can get home and say Whitney I heard you thought about getting a tattoo today *slap*. But if let’s say a friend thought of it, she’ll get a bird on her shoulder.


I love tattoos and music, so probably music notes of one of my favourite composers or something. I’m not sure where I’ll get it probably somewhere inconspicuous, I need a 9 to 5 please.


I’m obsessed with Rihanna’s under boob tattoo, I’m not even a stan or anything but I would love love love to get something similar.


I got the ugliest tattoo of my name on my arm when I was like 17 and I was ready to get rid of it by the time I turned 18. The only person who hated it more than I did was my mum, she passed last year and now I want to get rid of it and replace it with her own name.



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