6 reasons you probably shouldn’t ‘free the nipple’ in Lagos

“Free the nipple” isn’t just another skin baring trend for fashion lovers to enjoy, it’s a whole movement against indecent exposure laws against women in many countries. Whether it’s as a fashion statement or in support of the gender equality campaign, here are 8 reasons you probably shouldn’t free the nipple in Lagos.

If you are a commuter, then your nipples automatically belong to the touts at every bus stop. Yes we know it’s sexual harassment and nobody should dictate what part of your body you can or can’t flaunt but tell that to Wasiu who had three joints for breakfast.

If you live out of your parents house, this is how they’ll look at you if you attempt to leave their house with your nipples on display till you come to your senses and wear something that won’t make their friends call them up with cries of how you’ve gone astray if you jam them anywhere.

You won’t  be able to take 5 steps outside, without a mummy stopping you to inform you that whatever you are putting on is bringing shame not only unto you, but unto your poor parents too.

If you got a dollar for every time the word ‘ashewo’ will be hurled at you in just a single day.

You’ll get more stares and fingers being pointed at you, than a crazy person walking stark naked in the street because to be honest to many Lagosians there’s no difference between you and that crazy person.

Even if you met someone who didn’t try to insult your lineage or cat-call you, you would still have to explain the complexities of feminism to them and how the ‘Free The Nipple’ movement is one of the ways women fight this oppression, and seriously…

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