A tale of a Tanzanian girl that fell deeply in love with a South African boy |Aisha & Kevin

Today we bring you a tale of a Tanzanian girl, Aisha, falling deeply in love with a South African boy, Kevin.

They were high school sweethearts – they started dating in their senior year.

They temporarily broke up when Aisha moved to the UK for university, but the strength of their love mended them back together and they committed themselves to a long-distance relationship for six years until she moved back to South Africa to be with him.

After ten years of dating, the couple got married in December.



The proposal!
He surprised me with a trip to Mozambique. I had no idea we were going anywhere until the night before so I had to pack blindly. I only found out our destination at the airport! He rented this beautiful villa that overlooks the ocean. Early the next day, he went to his bag to look at our flight itinerary but instead was getting the ring. He proposed in bed as the sun was rising. I was so emotional I can barely remember what he said, just that he asked me to be his wife.
I’m a very guarded person, so I knew he was the one for me when he didn’t treat or look at me any differently when I was my most vulnerable. He knows everything about me; my deepest fears, insecurities and secrets but he loves me regardless. He’s the most humble person I know.










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